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New Stone Soup VT LLC is a team member on Exoskeleton Report ASTM CoE.


Boston Engineering Corp | Strategic cross-government business development partner of choice.

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​NSS is working with BEC and potential clients to identify leveraging and areas of collaboration, technology transfer, manufacturing, and product optimization. Build your product. And get it to the market - military, homeland, or industry.

Boston Engineering Tuna - New Stone Soup

Convergence Carpentry | Providing "entrepreneurial mentorship" for future growth and 8a development

Past Projects

Battelle Corporation | In support of US Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center

We provide senior human augmentation (HA) technologies market trends expertise, business development, and strategic planning support. We also provide user/market and operational requirement analysis support, to assist the Army with user and stakeholder outreach and overarching technology education/awareness efforts. In supporting this effort we trend Human Augmentation products, studies and concepts, and conduct extensive networking activities.

lojiic | Providing a turnkey solution for businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of mobile marketing

NSS VT LLC teams with NEU as Senior Consultant. | Leading Innovation

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research- Technology Translation (PFI: AIR-TT) Topic: PNS


Army Research Laboratories: Website
US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center: Website

B-Temia Inc. | Supporting the expansion of B-Temia North America in the US.

We provide program management, business development and strategic planning support. We also provide user/market and operational requirement analysis, to ensure that B-Temia Inc and its US subsidiary are positioned to service the US military, medical and industrial market with their revolutionary Dermoskeletic technologies. Together, we vision a world of safe and effective human augmentation systems, and improved ambulation for those who need it - patients with limited mobility, military, public safety professionals and industrial settings.

We are seeking partners to participate in "pilot studies" and beta testing of products.​

Website | Video | WCVB Segment

NewStoneSoup VT LLC supporting the U.S. and South American expansion of the Keeogo, commercial and military products.

NSS VT LLC as Business Developer for B-Temia Inc. and its future B-Temia USA

Lockheed Martin Enters into a License Agreement with B-Temia, the Developer of the Keeogo

Visible Good | To provide shelter to those in need and to those caring for and protecting them.

San Diego State UniversityCenter for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (SDSU CCAT)

Serving as Senior Government best practices consultants, promoting technology commercialization, requirement and market analysis and development and supporting strategic outreach and business development.


Smaller Business Association of New England | Provide a legislative voice for small business at the state and federal levels.

Unconventional Concepts Inc.
  • Website
  • NewStoneSoup VT LLC joining as part of a network of support subcontractors and advisors to this prestigious firm. Current and past projects include: DHS Custom and Border Protection Uniform Acquisition program restructure, gaps analysis and program management of exoskeleton and other human augmentation technologies.
  • Our clients included: DHS Customs and Border Protection Uniform Acquisition program, and the U.S. Army Natick, Soldier RD&E Center. We have just completed our Front End Analysis support, providing a comprehensive canvass and analysis of the state of Human Augmentation, with particular focus on exoskeleton technologies for military use. Among other, the study revealed the rapid trend in the development and transition of exoskeleton technologies to the market. - Completed May 2015.

Protect The Force
  • Website
  • NewStoneSoup VT LLC providing PPE and systems integration consulting services. Strategic planning and business development.

10-20 Services Inc.
  • Website
  • NewStoneSoup VT LLC providing National and International business development and strategic planning as well as technology policy and cross government program implementation and support.

Legendary Megacorps
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  • NewStoneSoup VT LLC Senior Strategic Management, Advanced Construction Technologies and Government Relations consulting services. Projects include multi-million dollar construction and community resilience building enterprise, based on green and clean technologies worldwide.

Grant Thornton LLP

CBP Uniform Program Providing program analysis support and cross government partnership development.

Dos Familias Wine Imports

Business Development Consultant/advocate - creating food and wine partnerships - educating one palate at a time. Wine sales support

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

NewStoneSoup VT LLC will proudly serve the community during the 2013 Touch Tomorrow Community Technology Open House as a judge during the NASA Robotics competition.

US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center

Joint DoD-DoJ/NIJ and DHS S&T funded effort, spanning numerous technology and integrated systems for Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement Advanced Protection/Human System Integration and protective clothing and equipment systems.

Advanced System Integration analysis and PPE component integration/development for emergency responders

Business development and cross-government team building to assess the applicability and utility of exo and dermo skeleton systems for human augmentation.

Robotics for Human Assist/Augmentation

Program reconfiguration and cross government requirements analysis

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