“Rita is – “a closer.”

"She combines tremendous energy and insight to complete her tasks. Over her career she has succeeded in delivering new safety and personal protective equipment for the Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, and Public Service professional. She puts the client first and can identify new markets and niche’s maximizing and often increasing her client’s overall ROI.”

Dr. John McCready, Former US Coast Guard

“Rita is a true professional with passion for solving a wide variety of Science, Technology, and Engineering tasks, and a variety of business problems." 

"I have observed her for well over 20 years inspire and carryout numerous strategic analyses that fostered critical thrusts needed in several government/military/civilian programs. She has an innovative mind that leads to lucid and quite novel ideas that we need in military protective system programs and defense threat reduction. She is a determined, superbly pro-active, effective DoD executive manager that both inspires and stimulates un-scattered team work. Sub-ordinates under her direction quickly adapt to any kind of high impact project because of her leadership qualities. Besides these positive features, she has a boundless amount of dynamism, an inspiring demeanor, and is an outstanding gourmet cook”

Dr. Richard Gonzalez, GABA LLC

“Rita is recognized for her leadership, networking, and problem-solving skills.

"Her eclectic network allows for partners to tap into non traditional sources that can be leveraged to meet strategic goals. Because her network spans multiple disciplines and different government, academic and private sector assets, she can effectively create unique team composition, oftentimes challenging conventional wisdom, yet creating new business approach.”

Clay Williamson, President, 10-20 Services

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