Taskin Padir

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Affiliated Faculty, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Marcio De Querioz

Professional of Mechanical Engineering


The New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE) Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is a dedicated research, testing, and training facility. The mission of the NERVE Center is to improve the development of robotic systems by both academic researchers and corporations by facilitating evaluation throughout the design cycle.


Deumite Construction is a Baton Rouge based general contracting and construction management company serving the Greater Baton Rouge area. The partners of Deumite Construction bring a vast amount of experience and expertise to each project from its extensive background in the commercial and industrial construction markets.

New Stone Soup VT LLC is looking for associates to team with. Please send a letter of intent that includes a short bio/interest statement and one page white paper of your capabilities and services to