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New Stone Soup VT LLC is a team member on Exoskeleton Report ASTM CoE
ASTM International, a global leader in standards and related services, announced today the winners of a worldwide competition to lead[...]
Collaborative Robots: Safety within Arm’s Reach, Ginger Christ | EHS Today
As humans and machines work side-by-side, safety is redefined in the factory. Behind the doors of a regular factory making[...]
The missing leader and crippled manager pandemic
Its hard to say when it started, but the outbreak seems to be taking on a life of its own,[...]
When the ‘Bots Came Marching In… Tech and Humanity Met
NewStoneSoup VT had the privilege of serving as participating judge during the 2013 NASA Centennial Challenge, at Worcester Polytech Institute,[...]
Could you please pass the knowledge? And a side of secret?
Mentorship... Teaching others the magic at some point should be an infectious disease.  I wish it were as simple as[...]
When customers are as good (or better than) as the product
As NewStoneSoup ventures into the wine mentoring and sales (yes, passion for wine isn't as much about your seniority /[...]
Having a moment between two slices of bread…
Have you ever had a moment when something surprises you in a way you have to take a moment to[...]

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