About New Stone Soup VT LLC Consulting

Our People, Our Relationships...

NSS VT LLC is a cross-government technology strategy consulting firm, specializing in networking across government cultures, and creating solid partnerships between government agencies, industry and academia. We specialize in strategic analysis of goals and objectives, and designing innovative teaming concepts to explore and ultimately transition disruptive technologies to the Military, Homeland Security, Public Safety and Commercial market. NSS has been operating for two years, with over 25 years of combined Military, Homeland Security and Public Safety Science and technology experience.

NSS VT LLC is a member of AUVSI, MassTLC, ASTM 48 (Exoskeletons and Exosuits), WeaRA, advisor for business development and strategic planning and contributing author to Exoskeleton Report and other venues.

Executive Team


NSS VT LLC clients present us with multidimensional challenges, while seeking for uni-dimensional solutions.

  • Typically we are presented with "solutions" to undefined problems, or projects of high levels of uncertainty and few obvious answers. Lack of "requirements" or standards, are some of the common roadblocks in advancing their technology or desired capability improvement. But the impact of cracking the code leads to new and innovative opportunities.
  • Our clients range from different sectors of the market - commercial, medical, sports, military and homeland security. They share common needs, but their technological parameters may slightly differ. Our job is to find integrative solutions, coherence and standardize where it makes sense, optimize for specificity where the mission demands it.
  • Our approach is to consider the problems by seeking commonality as well as canvass the state of technology to find "bench mark" models, present a range of options, encourage partnership/teaming where it makes sense and guide in the path forward. Our strategy enhances our clients ability to navigate challenges and offer achievable solutions.NSS VT LLC is a member of the MassTLC, WeaRA, AUVSI and NDIA

​New Stone Soup VT LLC is looking for associates to team with. Please send a letter of intent that includes a short bio/interest statement and one page white paper of your capabilities and services to ​Rita Vazquez-Torres | Founder/CEO.